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Wear protection and tribology

We are constantly researching and optimizing tribological systems.
Many components and parts used in high-temperature processes and heat treatment technology have particularly valuable properties when produced from silicon nitride or silicon carbide materials. This applies, for instance, to burner nozzles, linings and crucible components, which require particularly long service lives and good properties at high temperatures. If required, complex geometries may also be realized, such as turbine wheels for micro gas turbines.

In particular, in ball mills, rotor mills or attrition mills, pigments and other hard materials are often ground to the finest particles (grain sizes down to the nanometre range) and nanosuspensions. In order to increase the service life of components such as protective coats, inner linings, grinding arms and agitators, which are exposed to highly erosive or corrosive elements, while keeping at the same time the level of contamination due to abrasion as low as possible, these components are preferably made of ceramic. These applications are increasingly making use of components made of silicon nitride, silicon carbide and zirconium oxide.
In addition, grinding balls and beads made of silicon nitride are also part of QSIL´s offer.

The plastics and paper industries offer a proven valuable application for ceramic → calenders, which are particularly resistant to the wear, which may be caused by added hardeners and fillers, as well as to corrosion.

Machine tools are already embedding a whole range of different ceramic wear components, such as guide elements, workpiece holders and clutch disks, while sealing rings for gas and liquid seals, plungers, pistons and cylinders are in use in high-pressure or water jet pumps due to their higher resistance to abrasion and wear.

In the engineering of chemical processing plants and conveyors, the usage of ceramics in screw conveyors, transport rollers, protective linings, crusher jaws and rollers, impact plates or disks, compacting and pelletizing rollers enables a longer service life of the plants and shorter downtimes for maintenance and repair. Ceramic ball valves, fittings and other valves can also be used with media that carries a high abrasive and/or corrosive load.

QSIL also manufactures clutch disks and brake linings from carbon fibre reinforced SiC (”C/C-SiC” carbon ceramic composite) especially for drive and transportation engineering.


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