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Your partner for individual contract manufacturing

Services for the ceramic and powder metallurgy

With our state-of-the-art production facilities, we are able to manufacture components according to customer requirements based on the appropriate raw materials. We work with different shaping, sintering and hot pressing techniques. Our broad product range includes ceramic, metal and composite materials as well as sputtering targets.


With our cold isostatic and uniaxial presses, we compress pressed granulates into semi-finished and finished products. Even very large components are no problem for us.


At temperatures up to 2400 ° C under vacuum, protective gas and gas pressure, we are able to compress almost any ceramics and composite materials.

Hot pressing,
Hot isostatic pressing

Materials that do not sinter in conventional sintering units or which do not sinter sufficiently tightly, can be compressed completely in our hot presses under vacuum or inert gas or in our HIPe. Examples for this are:

- Sputter targets for thin film technology

- High-strength composites for wear parts

- Materials for indexable inserts and HSS milling cutters

- binder-free hard materials and refractory metals

- Diffusion bonds