Measurement and testing technology

suitable for particularly high chemical, thermal and mechanical loads

Within measurement and testing applications, the high-performance ceramics produced by FCT may be employed for special components that need to withstand particularly high chemical, thermal or mechanical loads or that have to fulfill other special functions.

For example, the shaker heads (test sample mounts) for fatigue testing devices are made of silicon nitride because of their high rigidity and low density in connection with their high strength and damage tolerance. This ceramic material makes it possible to double the test frequency and hereby halve the test time for these lengthy measurement procedures.

Crucibles and crucible holders are suitable for use in chemical and thermal analyses, where a good resistance to corrosion, oxidation and/or high temperature is required. Components made of silicon nitride or silicon carbide also find an excellent application in cryogenics, since this group of materials does not become brittle at low temperatures.

Furthermore usages of silicon nitride components include the following: Lens mounts or housing structures to further improve the imaging accuracy of precise optical measuring systems

Application examples

  • Structural component

    for fatigue testing devices
  • Structural component

    for fatigue testing devices
  • Crucible trays

    Made from Si3N4 ceramic, replaces Hastelloy
  • Ball pin flatness gauge

  • Ball pin flatness gauge

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