Health & food technology

Excellence in ceramics for the latest approaches and applications.

In the field of food technology, FCTI offers new types of grill and stove plates, as well as baking trays made of silicon nitride, which are characterized by chemical inertness, biocompatibility and a low tendency to adhesion, while offering high thermal shock resistance and strength. In this way, particularly long service life and durability are achieved and the buildup of organic residues is minimized, so that non-stick coatings become unnecessary.

The biological and human body compatibility, in combination with the low density, high strength, abrasion resistance and damage tolerance of this material make silicon nitride currently the best ceramic material for implants, hip joints and bone screws for surgery.

Ceramic components are also suitable for medical measuring devices.

Application examples

  • Baking tray

    for industrial pastry production
  • Bone screws

    for surgery
  • Cover analysis technology + compression spring

  • Back implant

  • Analysis of small samples